Mikro Suplex 25 kg (25 kg)

Mikro Suplex Vitamin- og mineralblanding 25 kg
  • 975 kg = 1 pallet
  • 25 kg = 1 sack
Product number: 251370

Mineral feed for pigs, cattle, horses and poultry (powder) 

Field of application

  1. Mikro Suplex is specially made to be mixed into complete feed or to be used as top-dressing.
    This ensures easy and safe application.


Description of the product

  1. Mikro Suplex contains minerals and vitamins, mixed into wheat middlings and calcium carbonate.
    Mikro Suplex is a combined mineral and vitamin product (powder).
  2. Mikro Suplex is a versatile macro/micro mineral and vitamin compound.
    Mikro Suplex provides a supplement of the most important micro-nutrients in one go.
    An extra supplement of Mikro Suplex can be given in case of unspecific problems, such as unthriftiness, reproduction problems (weak and irregular heat, increased number of return-to oestrus), small and weak-born litters as well as hoof diseases.


Monocalcium phosphate
Wheat middlings
Premix *)
Calcium carbonate

Additives (amount added per kg)

    800,000 I.U.  Vitamin A (E672)
    100,000 I.U.  Vitamin D3 (E671)
   7,280.00 mg   Alpha-tocopherol  *)
       300.00 mg   Vitamin B1
       600.00 mg   Vitamin B2
       400.00 mg   Vitamin B6
           2.00 mg   Vitamin B12
   1,600.00 mg   D-pantothenic acid
   6,000.00 mg   Nicotinic acid
        10.00 mg   Biotin    
        50.00 mg   Folic acid
19,370.00 mg   Manganese oxide (E5)
30,420.00 mg   Ferrous sulphate,
                         monohydrate (E1)
  4,910.00 mg   Cupric sulphate,
                         pentahydrate (E4)
18,670.00 mg   Zinc oxide (E6)
       12.30 mg   Calcium iodate,
                         waterfree (E2)
        22.00 mg   Sodium selenite (E8)

*)   Premix containing additives, calcium
 carbonate and wheat middlings.

**) 8,000 i.e. vitamin E (3a700) per kg 

Analytic constituents:

9,70 %Calcium
11,70 %Phosphorus
0,60 %Sodium
          0,10 %Magnesium
2,00 g/kgLysine
0,80 g/kgMethionine


Poultry - gram per
animal per day 

Inclusion rate, % 
0.3 - 0.5
0.3 - 0.5
0.3 - 0.5
0.3 - 0.5
0.3 - 0.5

0.5 - 2.0 


Mikro Suplex to be used for sows, porkers, piglets, cattle and horses at a ratio of max. 6.7 grams per kg daily feed.